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Connecting Spiritual Warfare with Mental Health

You’re attacked by the enemy on a daily basis, the key is to recognize the attack and fight back with the right weapons. My books will help you bridge the gap between spiritual attacks and clinical mental health disorders. Browse my books today!

Featured Book: The Three Enemies of Your Mental Health

Why is this book so important to those struggling with mental health?

  1. Addresses Top 3 Mental Health Issues:
    This book tackles the top three mental health diagnoses according to the CDC (2024): anxiety, depression, and mood-related disorders. Kenza Haddock’s expertise provides practical strategies for overcoming these widespread issues, making it highly relevant and valuable for today’s audience, especially amidst the current mental health crisis.
  2. Unique and Effective Approach:
    Kenza Haddock combines sound psychological counsel with spiritual warfare, offering a holistic approach that has helped many clients break free from the cycle of treatment and relapse. This innovative method stands out from conventional treatments and provides fresh hope for those struggling with persistent mental health challenges.
  3. Empowering and Actionable Content:
    “The Three Enemies of Your Mental Health” equips readers with concrete ways to detect subtle mental health attacks and identify root causes so they can stop issues before they escalate. The book’s practical advice and empowering tools are exactly what people need right now to navigate their mental health journey successfully, making it a perfect fit for a national show feature.

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My mission is to share the love of Jesus with as many people as possible, and I do this through my writings and speaking engagements.

I will always commit to praying that God would speak to the readers of my books and reveal the truth of his vast love for them, regardless of how messy they believe their lives have become.

My promise is to always be “down to earth” and discuss real issues in my public speaking and writings.

Our goal should be for our values to match God’s values, and this is my prayer in my personal life as well.

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