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We all have gifts and talents… said in another way, there is not one of us who is not gifted in some thing. As you read my books, it’s my prayer that you learn about God’s true nature and how HE is the key to your purpose and fulfillment.

Featured Book: Your 3 Inherent Needs

Your 3 Inherent Needs is a clinically proven resource with Biblically sound skills to overcome Anxiety and Depression. It discusses our basic human needs and the very important part that God plays in our lives.

Years into the counseling field, as I walked my patients through clinical strategies that are founded on Scripture, I watched their lives change as they were set free from anxiety, depression, grief, and more. God prompted me to share these strategies in a book, so they can reach people beyond my counseling office. When you read “Your 3 Inherent Needs”, and apply the strategies in the book, you can experience freedom from anxiety, and depression that you’ve never thought was possible!

Release date: June 2023

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My mission is to share the love of Jesus with as many people as possible, and I do this through my writings and speaking engagements.

I will always commit to praying that God would speak to the readers of my books and reveal the truth of his vast love for them, regardless of how messy they believe their lives have become.

My promise is to always be “down to earth” and discuss real issues in my public speaking and writings.

Our goal should be for our values to match God’s values, and this is my prayer in my personal life as well.

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